Berlin June 8, 2019- Angie asked Martin to enroll her in a 5 K walk during our stay and here are some pictures from her walk.

Anggie after her walk

This is what Angie wrote on her Facebook page:

What do you do when you travel to another country? You sign up for a race of course! I walked a 5km race. I got a shirt and a medal. It was for a great cause....a village for disabled people was being supported. The first races were the disabled participants...some with partners and some not...all age groups. The next race was a combined 5 and 10km race where we started together....maybe 200 participants. I finished the third Walker. I was pleased with that.

Click a picture to see a larger view.

Angiewalk1 Angiewalk2 Angiewalk3 Angiewalk4 Angiewalk5 Angiewalk6 Angiewalk7 Angiewalk8 Angiewalk9 Angiewalk10 Angiewalk11

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