Tucson May 2009 (35 images)

On May 10th the Class of 57 held a class reunion in Tucson, AZ. At the 2008 reunion, Gerry Polley volunteered to be the host of this year for the reunion in Tucson. After Gerry's untimely death, his sister found his notes of places to go and to eat. When Carson talked to Adrienne they decided to go with Gerry's plan.
Everything went great! We had our headquarters at the Arizona Hotel and were treated very well there. Since all of us had come by airplane we had to have transportation. The first day it was a "bus," but then we switched over to a limousine. It was very luxurious, but all of us "old" people getting in and out was something to see.
Among the places we visited were Coronado National Park and the Sabino Canyon, The Sonoran Desert Museum, San Xavier Mission and Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral. We also stopped by Gerry's grave and said a few prayers and thanked him for a good plan.

Looks like Charley Lynes is going to be our host next year in Fresno. Hope we can all make it and have a great time.

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