Morro Bay

Class of 57 California 2010 (58 images)

The Class of 1957 met for its reunion at Morro City, California. The reason that this city was chosen is that it is the retirement home of Msgr. Dino Riccomini. Dino is no longer able to travel so we went to him.The weather was some what disappointing - cloudy, misty fog, rain, and cold.
The question of the stay was "Carson, did you get your bag yet?" It finally arrived  late Tuesday night just in time to check it in on the way home. Couldn't be that it would not show up in Shrevport when he returned home? Wrong, it was missing again!

Attending were Al Camp, Bill Weber, Joe Schumacher, Phil Heslin,Gene Kohls, Carson LaCaze, Jim and Eva Geiser, Al and Patty Rechenmacher and Kay Gowan.
The theme of the stay was getting lost! Rex assured all of us he knew how to get to Dino's house. All we had to do was follow his car.After we had looped around a neighborhood twice a nice guy stopped Rex and said he knew how to get there. We all followed him back to town and start all over again only to find out that we ended up just 2 blocks north of where we were before. The neighbors must have thought that they were being invaded when our 4 cars arrived and later Fr. Jim Logan and Fr. Laz. dropped in.

Mass at St. Timothy's on Tuesday came off without a mishap. Tours on Monday included a trip north to tour the Hearst Castle and to the beach nearby where the sea lion seals collect to sun themselves. Dorn's restaurant seemed to be our favorite watering place, with stops on Sunday and Monday.

 The final adventure happened to the car with Schumacher, Heslin, Weber and LaCaze. Carson assured me that I would have no trouble finding the airport in San Luis Obispo- all I had to do was look for the airport signs on Highway 1 and 101. With Al Camp as my navigator, I had only one slight wrong turn. We found our mistake after one block when we stopped for gas and asked directions. We arrived with over an hour to spare. The other car made a slight error to start- they went north on Highway 1 instead of south. They turned around and headed and arrived so late that only Weber made the flight.

We all had a great time -good food, comradeship, jokes, and stories about those ancient times at the Joss.

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