Berlin 6/4/2019 -- Chicago Ohara Airprt is a hard place to find your way from one gate to another.
 We landed at one end of one of the terminals and had to walk through passages that took us from the secured
area to the outside area to get a bus to go to the international terminal. This is where I fell. There was
 a crowd waiting on various busses and the bus could not even get close to the curb because of this.
 I was following Angie and watching her instead of the ground. When I stepped off the curb I lost my
 balance and fell forward scrapping my left knee and my right hand. My carry-on bag over my left shoulder
bruised my left ribs. I dusted my self off and got on bus. Angie said to peolpe sitting  "Give the old man
that fell a seat" and 2 people jumped up t give me a seat. We had to then go through TSA security again and
walk a little to our gate.

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OHARA sign