Berlin Coat of ArmsJim and Eva Visit Berlin Summer of 2006  (31 images)

Jim and Eva visited her sister Dorit and her husband, Kurt, in Berlin the week after the Soccer World Cup was held in Berlin. They traveled around the city via bus, U-Bahn (underground subway), S-Bahn (mostly above ground subway), Tram, Regional Train, auto and tour bus.

Quite a bit of time was spent in the Garten (garden). Eva and I would usually walk from their apartment (which we had to ourselves) to the Spandau Rathaus (town hall) and then head out on one of the many ways to get around in the city.

Included here are pictures from the garden, our trip to Ruegen, lunch at Martin's, a crane smashed cars, meeting Londoners on a bike tour, a visit to the fire department museum.

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