Jim Family -- McGuirk Family.jpg  This is a picture taken of the McGuirk family taken at Geiser house on Cloverfield Dr. Dating it on Marlene in picture it is in the 1950s. Best we can Identify them L to r seated one is Clarence Miller and other Ray Grahm, Ann (Kalcheck) Norman Geiser's wife, Not sure woman holding Elaine Glasser, Not sure, Ronnie Graham, His Mother Tess Graham and she is holding Marlene (Geiser) Olszewski, Dad Edward Geiser (Sr.) Standing Mother Ann (McGuirk)Geiser, Agnes Glasser, Agnes' husband behind her, Betty Miller. Eileen James, Bill James behind Eileen,Rachel Roth, Jim McGuirk with his wife in front of him,John Roth. ( Any complaints on ids blame my sister)

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